Press Coverage and News

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Dr. Jbeily Keynotes the Opening Session at the TCEA Convention & Exposition Science Academy, Austin, TX, February 3, 2014
arrow.gif (132 bytes) Dr. Jbeily presents at the "Education for Innovation" International Conference March 24-25, 2012

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Texas Regional Collaboratives Conference Focuses on Leveraging Partnerships for Teacher Success
   Published as a Feature Story on the University of Texas at Austin, College of Education Web Site, August 25th., 2011

arrow.gif (132 bytes) "Possibilities:..." by Drs. Martha May Tevis and John W. McBride, Summer 2010

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Top Texas STEM Teachers Gather for Texas Regional Collaboratives Conference
   Published as a Feature Story on the University of Texas at Austin, College of Education Web Site, August 11th, 2010

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Dr. Jbeily and Dr. Barufaldi Meet Harry Smith of CBS News, October 2008

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Taking Legislation from Capitol Hill to the Classroom the Focus of Texas Regional Collaboratives Conference
   Published on the College of Education Web Site, July 30 2008

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Not Your Mama's Science Class: Cool lessons in hot science delivered by new education symposium
   Published as a Feature Story on the University of Texas at Austin Web Site, July 14th, 2008

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Rediscovering Science
   Published in "theeagle.com, Bryan-College Station, Jan 29, 2008

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Dr. Jbeily Presides Another Successful TRC Annual Meeting
   Published in the University At Texas College of Education News, July 13, 2007

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Lytle teacher awarded distinguished honor
   Published in "Leader News" November 16. 2006
arrow.gif (132 bytes) Article Covering the TRC Annual Meeting
   Published in "ON CAMPUS": August 3, 2006

"At the recent Texas Regional Collaborative's 12th annual showcase event, Kamil Jbeily executive director of Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Teaching, discusses the critical mission of science education with University of Texas System Chancellor Mark Yudof, John Hofmeister, president and country chair of Shell Oil, and UT Austin President William Powers Jr."
arrow.gif (132 bytes) A winning formula for serving 8,000 Texas science teachers
   Univeristy of Texas at Austin website: February 28, 2004

"One of UT's key initiatives is to improve public education and build K-16 partnerships. The collaboratives do precisely that. We're supported by the Texas Education Agency, the National Science Foundation, private foundations of corporations like SBC and Toyota, by legislators who come to functions that honor the excellent science teachers of Texas, by businesspeople in the regions, by principals who give their teachers opportunities to participate in our professional development training sessions--the group of individuals and organizations who have given of financial and human resources is very large and deeply, deeply appreciated!"
arrow.gif (132 bytes) Science education changing as statewide test looms
   Austin American-Statesman: January 20, 2004

"The majority of teachers that graduated from college, for a really long time, really lacked the science content knowledge in their teacher preparation. Universities are revising their curriculum to better prepare elementary teachers to teach science, he said. Meanwhile, school and state officials must provide training for teachers who need help."